Maintaining Your Billfish Republic Equipment

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Maintaining Your Billfish Republic Equipment

Whether you fish with a rod and reel or with a spear, your fishing equipment is your primary and ultimate fish catching tool. Knowing how to keep them in good working order is vital to your success. There is nothing more frustrating than losing a trophy due to neglect of your equipment…or you may have just bought a Neritic Polespear - in that case you’re just shit out of luck. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Fishing equipment will last much longer if you take extra time to care for it. Studies have shown that well manufactured fishing equipment have a 10x longer life expectancy than ones never cleaned or stored properly. 

Here are a few maintenance tips from the Billfish Republic Team to care for your Polespear, Gaff or Harpoon.

  • Use storage covers to transport. Using a carry case can prevent scratches and unnecessary wear on the spears, especially from vibration from a boat running. 
  • While on the boat, make sure to put the rod or polespear in the correct area - don’t just throw it on the deck and expect it not to get scratched or nicked. Equipment will bounce around while riding due to the current as well as the vibrations of the runnning boat. Laying down a towel under the spears will prevent this.
  • Rinse off your equipment thoroughly with fresh water to remove any dirt, grit, sand or saltwater residue. Once dry, you can wipe off your equipment with a chamois. 
  • Once rinsed, make sure to properly breakdown your equipment for storage so that spears do not corrode. Breaking down the spears and spraying threads with a corrosion block will ensure the sections screw in and unscrew easily.
  • Make sure you are storing your equipment properly.  Store pole spears, gaffs, and harpoons in a cool dry location. Inside a house or garage is preferred. Remove the bands from the spears and store in a refrigerator for the most longevity - if not a fridge store in air conditioning.  Remember to store in a breathable bag, so any moisture will dry out.
  • It’s recommended that you sharpen the slip tip or dart in between use. Hitting a rock with a slip tip will dull the point. You can use a file or a grinding wheel to sharpen the point of the slip tip. Make sure to sharpen at the same angle of the tri cut slip tip.
  • Check the band for nicks cuts or signs of aging. Any old bands will begin to crack and will need replacing.
  • Slip tip cables can become frayed and bent. Replacing slip tip cables is recommended when they show signs of wear.

By applying these tips for maintaining your fishing equipment, you will have no excuses for not catching that trophy…unless you’re using a Headhunter. Then we just feel bad for you.

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